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Shibori is a Japanese traditional handicraft which has been processed mainly for kimono. Artisans bind fabrics using a thread by hand and make tiny bits one by one. This is a very time-consuming process and the result is exceptionally beautiful.

Artisans used to start practicing this technique from their childhood and have kept this heritage. However, this tradition now faces a danger of extinction due to the decreasing demand for kimono and the aging issue of artisans. The Shibori collection aims to contribute to the preservation of this precious heritage.

JU-NNA works with artisans and innovatively processes Shibori onto printed fabrics, which is the very new trial for artisans. The focus is on the 3D shape Shibori creates and the new aesthetics created by combining Shibori patterns and prints. 

Shibori also gives fabrics a very unique trait. Woven fabrics become like a jersey and its stretchy quality also makes wearers feel very comfortable.


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